Welcome to the Veluwe!

Relaxing inside and outside the hotel

At home and around De Bosrand

You can relax both inside and outside our hotel!

For example, on our spacious terrace with a view of the park, our jeu-des-boules court or on the tennis court near the hotel. For those who prefer nature, there is also plenty to do. Parkhotel De Bosrand is located on the edge of the Edese Bos (Edese Forest) and from our main entrance you can walk directly into the beauty of the Veluwe.

Cycling & walking

Directly from the hotel you can follow various cycling or walking tracks across the beautiful Veluwe. You can enjoy the vast heaths, the sand drifts and the forests. A village further you will find the Hoge Veluwe National Park. One of the most beautiful places in the Veluwe!

You can park your bicycle in our covered and lockable bicycle shed. Electric bicycles can also be charged here. Did your bike get dirty during your cycling trip? You can hose down your bicycle or mountain bike with our bicycle shower.

We work together with Fietsenverhuur Ede (Bicycle Rental Ede). You can rent different types of bicycles from them online. Click HERE to book.

Our recommendations

Nodes cycle route along the windmills around Ede and the Airborne cycle route. For walkers an overview of the 125 walking routes around Ede.

From the hotel we also have our own walking routes which show you the most beautiful nature in the area. Really recommended. We are happy to offer you these walking routes free of charge at the reception.

We wish you lots of cycling and walking fun!

Many of our guests choose this region to visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park. You can enjoy walking and cycling through beautiful natural scenery. The park's white bicycles are included in the entrance fee.

Visit the Hunting Lodge of Sint Hubertus there, enjoy the beautiful food and beverage outlets and the terraces and, of course, don't miss the world-famous Kröller-Müller museum. We recommend the Museonder with children: "The Museonder gives a surprising picture of everything that lives below the surface of the earth and what has lived there in the past. The exhibition takes you deeper and deeper into the soil. Eventually you even end up in the center of the earth."

Discover and visit the municipality of Ede. At bezoek-ede.nl you can find all current activities and places of interest for young and old. Culture, nature & activities, Military history, food and drinks; this website is worth a look if you want to get some inspiration.